Well, that was quite a year (or 4), but we made it through OK enough on our end and hope you did the same.

Pleasantries aside, a new issue of indicia, our 8th (did anyone else think we would make it this far?!), is emerging today to ring in the new year with a smattering of provocative stories, mind-bending poetries, and mesmerizing visuals that will make you wish you could be best buddies with all of our contributors (ask their permission first).

Withour further ado (adieu? that would make for a sly play on words but we’ll save it for next time), feast your face on the end of an era, the 8th issue of indicia. If you still have your own friends at the end of 2020, consider letting them know that this thing exists. It will make us all feel chummy together.

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