Hello darkness my bff. Our 2nd issue, Volume 1.2 Winter 2016, is now available for high-quality audio streaming on Spotify, YouTube, INTERPOL, and Vinyl/Wikipedia. Just kidding, it’s a magazine, so it’s on the generous host issuu at this location.

We are proud of the digital issue and super happy that our contributors all came together to be a part of something we enjoy doing. To many more!

Print-on-demand versions are on the way once we work out the kinks. Or once we try working out to The Kinks. Whichever comes first. They will be glossy-paged, full-color spectacles worthy of the praises of sultans and pharaohs.

If you like what you see in the issue and feel that your writing is a close cousin, consider submitting to for our next issue, and read about our guidelines on the Submit page!



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