indicia seeks previously unpublished works of poetry, flash fiction, and visual art for a biannual collection of passionate and talented artists and writers. more specifically, send us your unwilted words and images that pulse with insight, sparks of openness, technical know-how, and above all, a sense of play.

more on what we look for can be found in our interview at Six Questions For…

indicia makes all publication decisions during summer and winter, and issues shortly follow those decisions.

indicia will only accept submissions that follow these guidelines. 

    • Times New Roman, 12 pt. please remove your name or indications of personal identity from the document itself, as submissions will be blindly evaluated.
    • send as .doc and .docx, but if pieces’ formats will likely be compromised, send backup .pdf for reference. attach as a document, don’t paste into email. no more than 1 piece per page (i.e., don’t squish 3 short poems on a page).
    • single authors may contribute to 2 genres: for example, send some Art and some Poems; however, don’t send both Short fiction and Flash fiction, as short fiction is by solicitation only.
    • indicia cannot pay contributors for their work, but a .pdf copy of their issue will be provided at no cost.

indicia will review your submissions and questions sent to

with the subject line “Poetry,” “Flash,” or “Art” + “Submission”



send between 1-6 poems, single-spaced, not to exceed 10 pages total. white space formatting? no problem.

Flash Fiction

send up to 3 stories, not to exceed 750 words each. double-spaced. discernible narrative keeps it from being considered a prose poem.


send 3-5 high quality image files (.jpg, .png, .gif). art accepted on a rolling basis.

Short Stories/Fiction

DO NOT SEND. only published through solicitation at this time.

all other questions: