AJ Urquidi


AJ Urquidi is an ace poet who calls Monterey home but resides in Long Beach, CA, because LA County is way more appealingly bizarre. His writing has appeared in Faultline, DUM DUM Zine, West Trade Review, and Thin Air, among others. AJ’s work has been nominated for Ina Coolbrith and Pushcart Prizes, in addition to receiving the Gerald Locklin Writing Prize. He has led creative writing workshops at CSU Long Beach and Beyond Baroque in Venice Beach. Since receiving degrees in writing and film from UCLA and CSULB, he has been a learning facilitator at various Southern California community colleges and a copyeditor for Los Angeles Review of Books, EMBER, and various other projects.

AJ records and listens to an obscene amount of music, only plays video games long after they first released, and enjoys taking urban walks after 1 AM while aggressively jangling his keys at coyotes. He has bad luck with hard drives and everything he eats upsets his stomach, but he hopes to live long enough to see his country embrace the anarcho-socialist paradise it should have become a century ago.

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